Braider’s Plus+BOX

Braider’s Plus+BOX

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The Braider’s Plus+Box has your everyday hair braiding essentials conveniently bundle together. Contains the followings: 


Claudio St. James Braiding Jelly 8oz ($14.94):  

Professional stylist or braiding is your passionate hobby? Either way, you know how impossible gripping short hairs might seem at times. Grab the worlds’ №1 non-flaking ringing gel and love how much easier braiding could be. Make the impossible possible, and achieve quicker results.


Claudio St. James Edge Control 4oz ($9.94):  

Claudio St. James' "The #1 Edge Control" is the best edge tamer for both natural and relaxed hair, ensuring every baby hair remains in formation all day long. Wether you have a neat bun or a sleek high ponytail or an edgy updo, "The #1 Edge Control" will keep every single hair put, no matter the style. "The #1 Edge Control" is the best product that helps women of color slay the day away. "The #1 Edge Control" is an essential for naturalists with kinky curls that revert at the slightest bit of humidity or moisture. For beauties rocking relaxed tresses, it's the lifesaver taming flyaways that refuse to behave. Seriously, there's just no getting around this miracle, you must have "The #1 Edge Control". It also Promotes hair growth as well.