Green-N-Cleen Disinfecting Wipes - Lemon
Green-N-Cleen Disinfecting Wipes - Lemon

Green-N-Cleen Disinfecting Wipes - Lemon

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Green-N-Cleen cleaning cloths has a fresh lemon scent cleans grease and grime, removes dirt/stains, disinfects surface areas, no harsh chemicals, and eco friendly! Regular tissues can fall apart and reusable washcloths may be too rough. Green-N-Cleen wipes are extremely durable and can take on any tough cleaning job!

SOFT & ABSORBENT - Get softness, strength and absorbency all in one with these  wet cleaning wipes.

Product Dimensions: 3-3/16” Dia. x 5-11/16” H (24oz)

 Contains: 25 Wet Wipes 

Directions For Use

To open package: Pull out wipe from center of roll, next sheet will automatically pop up. Close lid to retain moisture and scent.

To disinfect surfaces: Can wipe down surface with bare hands due to our eco friendly ingredients. Use enough wipes for treated surface to remain visibly wet for 2 mins.

Let surface dry. For highly soiled surfaces, may use multiple wipes to clean.

Great to use on countertops, stove tops, stainless steel, electronic screens, tubs and shower walls, toilet exterior, glass, mirrors, car interiors, acrylic, sealed granite, sealed fiberglass, finished vinyl.

Active ingredients

Neutral pH, hydrogen peroxide with a cold-pressed lemon oil.


Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. If comes in contact with eyes, wash eye area thoroughly for 15 mins with water. If irritation persists, seek medical attention.